fantastic update

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the first batch of badges should be with us in the next 24/48 hours and then out and delivered to everyone that has supported this campaign and have placed orders. we have got caught up with import duty as a canadian company had done the production, and then sent them to us. once again we are sorry for the slight delay in getting these out.
the good news is that we have now found a UK source so initial proplems we have had will now be fixed.... fantatsic

we are still currently trying to get the final location for the statue and then will be applying for planning permission... more news on this very soon 
hope to have some new t-shirts for sale soon, plus a new range of badges...
a couple of summer festivals will also be fund raising for the frank sidebottom statue...

can you help us? we need helpers to do fund raisers, and also if you live local can you help do some collections in our local bars? please contact us if you can help