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new unveiling date for the frank statue to be anounced

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sadly we have another delay at the foundry and the frank sidebottom statue will not be unveiled until a new date is set.
this is very frustrating for everyone, I know, but things will work out one way or another

the next unveiling date we are working on will be in august this will be close to chris sievey real life birthday (chris was the man behind the mask)

very sorry about this news and yet another delay, but in the frank sidebottom style all I can say is <blimy>

a fun day at The Stonemason in timperley village will still be going ahead, and will be used as a fund raiser for the statue appeal.

any monies left over will be given to a cancer charity which is what we promised from day one

please watch our web site, facebook page and group for news and updates as we get them


thank you.  

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