Frank Sidebottom Statue Update

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Frank Sidebottom Statue Update


First, we are very sorry for yet more delays with things, but it’s really been out of our hands, it really is.

We have had news that the statue is now complete and just about ready to be delivered to the UK, and this could now be in a matter of weeks.


I do not want to give another unveiling date till we have the Bronze here in Timperley, as some final touches are going to need to be done, like the painting of the head.


 BUT we also have another problem in that the project cost has now gone up, I am awaiting the final exact details on this and as soon as final figures are available will publish and we can then work out how to fund raise the very final amount.


We are tantalising close and I will pass on any more news and updates as soon as I get them.


Please be patient as we get to the closing stage of this