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Lets raise £1,137 for Marie Curie

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Lets raise £1,137 for Marie Curie and hand over a cheque at the Frank Sidebottom bronze statue unveiling 11.37 20th October
With your help we can do this, and we really can. 

A limited number of DVDs have been produced to help with our goal to give £1,137 to Marie Curie and we hope that you are going to enjoy this exclusive footage:

Here it is! Finally available!
Frank Sidebottom
Celebrity Sleepover!

This is the full hilarious TV show, as seen at several Frank events following the sad death of Chris Sievey, but never shown on TV in full!

As a bonus (and because the show is only 15minutes long) the disc also includes:
"Magic Moments - choice cuts by Martin with the bobbins hair" - a collection of live clips, as seen at the FRANKOPHILIA art exhibition and the Frank fund raiser last December, which showcases some of Frank's rarer moments

and not only that...

"Live at the L.M.R.C.A." - an (almost) full live show from the man himself, this particular night showcased the magic of Gerry Anderson! This is 90 minutes of mirth, songs, quiz questions and random people who claim to have stolen Thunderbird 2.


Thanks to you good people, the Frank Sidebottom statue is all paid for, and will be unveiled on October 20th, at 11.37am in Timperley village


The not-so small print: created in the tradition and spirit of Frank, this DVD release is on (-R) discs, but done to the highest possible quality. This looks likely to be the only version you will be able to buy of this TV show. Everyone who has clubbed together to arrange this DVD has done so free of charge, so please enjoy it for what it is.
So please make a purchase to help Marie Curie BUY NOW CLICK HERE


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