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Just a quick update on where we are up to. Fingers crossed will announce the date for the unveiling this week, I am still waiting for confirmation over a few things. The date we are aiming for is Sunday October 20nd at 11.37 But this is not confirmed yet.

Looks like the proposed fundraiser is not going to happen now.

The chosen charity is Marie Curie, and we hope to have some money left over to donate to them . They will also be collecting at the unveiling.


cow-blue1 So please continue to donate if you can and fingers crossed we can support Marie Curie.

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Meet Paulina Skavova

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meet paulina skavova who has been the artist behind making the statue, here are some photos of her working on things/


The Statue is complete

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great news, the statue is now complete, painted and ready to ship to timperley. we have still not announced an unveiling date, but hoping for october.
We still have a shortfall of around £1.5k and please help with this if you can, any monies left over will be going to a cancer charity.

work on one last final fundraiser is also be talked about, and we hope to have news announced soon about this.






The Cast has been done

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The Frank Sidebottom Statue Cast has been done! As you will see more needs to be done, and the head painted.
We hope to bring Frank home very soon for him to gaze at the Timperley sunset forever!

We are still going to have a shortfall of around £1.5k and once we have the final figures we will put out an appeal to raise the final costs.

If you can help in any way to raise some funds, please let us know.

Frank Sidebottom Statue Update

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Frank Sidebottom Statue Update


First, we are very sorry for yet more delays with things, but it’s really been out of our hands, it really is.

We have had news that the statue is now complete and just about ready to be delivered to the UK, and this could now be in a matter of weeks.


I do not want to give another unveiling date till we have the Bronze here in Timperley, as some final touches are going to need to be done, like the painting of the head.


 BUT we also have another problem in that the project cost has now gone up, I am awaiting the final exact details on this and as soon as final figures are available will publish and we can then work out how to fund raise the very final amount.


We are tantalising close and I will pass on any more news and updates as soon as I get them.


Please be patient as we get to the closing stage of this

new unveiling date for the frank statue to be anounced

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sadly we have another delay at the foundry and the frank sidebottom statue will not be unveiled until a new date is set.
this is very frustrating for everyone, I know, but things will work out one way or another

the next unveiling date we are working on will be in august this will be close to chris sievey real life birthday (chris was the man behind the mask)

very sorry about this news and yet another delay, but in the frank sidebottom style all I can say is <blimy>

a fun day at The Stonemason in timperley village will still be going ahead, and will be used as a fund raiser for the statue appeal.

any monies left over will be given to a cancer charity which is what we promised from day one

please watch our web site, facebook page and group for news and updates as we get them


thank you.  

unveiling date is to be confirmed

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we are still not able to confirm that the unveiling is going to happen on the 23rd june, which I know is very frustrating. as soon as we do get a confirmed date you will see it here, and on our web site.
the stonemasons arms (much sang about from frank) , across the Road from where the statue will sit, will be putting on a fun day. For now they have it flagged up as the 23rd june, but they are aware that this could change!

FrankWR stone masons may 2013 5
WR stone masons may 2013 9WR stone masons may 2013 12

statue important update

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The frank Sidebottom statue update

This week we hope to sanction the casting of the statue, with some final tweaks to be done

We hope still to unveil on the 23rd june 2013 but, and this is a very big but the message we have had is;

“it is possible that the 23rd could be achieved however it is by no means certain. These projects are always subject to last minute issues. The foundry is aware of the importance of 23rd to friends and family. We are very close now!"


Please be patient while we reach the next critical stage



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